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Welcome to Indigo Rose Jewellery!


Indigo Rose Jewellery - the Journey so far

 I started out experimenting with making beaded jewellery and suncatchers after the birth of my son, Mitchell, over 12years ago. I sold it to friends and family and at the occasional market when I could organise baby-sitting. I think it was another couple of years before I was confident enough in my skills, to register a business name.

 I remained selling from home and markets for a number of years, but with now 2 children and a part-time job it was getting harder to manage, but I didn't want to give up. So, after many months of agonising, I resigned from a permanent clerical position and opened my own shop.

 I have always loved jewellery, particularly silver, but since I started my buying journey I have discovered the beauty of gemstones, the “usefulness” of a scarf-adorned wardrobe, plus the evolution of stainless steel into highly fashionable pieces. I can get quite immersed in looking through product catalogues and web surfing to find “perfect” pieces, and hopefully you will enjoy the range I have to offer. My stock of beads has also expanded, and I have a treasure trove of beads that are just waiting to be turned into a lovingly made piece of jewellery - I'm hoping that I will soon be able to spend more time lost in creativity.

Now Indigo Rose Jewellery is totally web-based, with the occasional market stall so prices are kept more affordable without the crazy overheads. I am now pleased to offer fundraising opportunities, where 20% value of any website orders can be donated back to participating school/club/charity. Please contact me for more information and a special fundraising code.


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